The League of Friends (LoF) at Gobowen’s Orthopaedic Hospital has been doing all it can to keep patients in touch with their families during the pandemic – especially one patient whose family is more than 2,800 miles away.

Ronald Bolton, who has been at the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt (RJAH) Orthopaedic Hospital since April, has been able to stay in touch with his family across the pond in Maine, USA, thanks to help from the LoF.

Members of the hospital group have arranged for care packages to be sent to the hospital from his family, as well as support through Facetime, in order for Mr Bolton to stay in touch with his loved ones.

The 89-year-old has been in hospital after suffering a broken leg, but his spirits have been kept up by his loved ones checking in.

Sophie Webb, Ronald’s granddaughter, admits it has been difficult not being able to see her grandad during his time in hospital.

She said: “The hardest part about living through the pandemic has been not being able to travel to the UK to see grandad.

“It’s hard knowing he’s in hospital for such a lengthy period with no ability to have visitors at all, so it really has been a blessing to be able to provide goodies to cheer him up.

“In such a difficult and helpless time everything the LoF has been able to do for us has been the only thing to provide me with some relief from the stress.

“I have been able to Facetime my grandad almost every day since he was admitted, along with my little girl who loves chatting to her great-grandad.

“His face never fails to light up when he speaks to her! I am so grateful for technology in such testing times and to all of those who have helped with our situation.”

The care packages include essentials along with extra items to cheer Ronald up. The first care package included a soft toy dog that has provided much comfort throughout this period of time.

Victoria Sugden, LoF charity director, is pleased the group can help Ronald and his family.

She said: “I’m so pleased we were able to help make a difference, home comforts are really important now more than ever.

“We’re always happy to help make patients more comfortable during their stay.”

If you have a loved one currently staying at the RJAH and would like to arrange to send them a care package, contact the LoF on 01691 404401 or email