As A NEW month rolls in, so does a raft of new releases on Netflix. You should make time for one of last year’s most heart-warming comedy dramas, The Peanut Butter Falcon available to stream now.

Shia LaBeouf stars alongside Zach Gottsagen, who has Down’s Syndrome, in a warm and funny modern day Huckleberry Finn adventure. Gottsagen’s character leaves his care facility hoping to become a famous wrestler, along the way he meets LaBeouf’s nomadic Tyler, and the two form a wary friendship.

I’m fairly sure we all know what lessons will be learned in the course of the film, but the journey is the destination, as they say.

Make time too for George Clooney’s breakout film role, in Out of Sight, where he plays escaped bank robber Jack Foley, caught up in a robbery while falling for the US Marshall sent to track him down, played by Jennifer Lopez in a career highlight.

It’s one of those rare films that gets absolutely everything right, released back in 2009 it’s a fair bet that many of us haven’t seen it for years and this is the perfect opportunity to bask in Clooney’s screen charisma all over again.

Lastly, a Netflix choice that appeared a few months back but slipped by almost unnoticed, Extra Ordinary is a cracking little Irish horror comedy with the emphasis firmly on the comedy. I’m notoriously squeamish about horror and I loved it.

Will Forte (Last Man on Earth) plays a forgotten one-hit wonder determined to reclaim his fame and planning on using a human sacrifice to get it back. Enter mild-mannered driving instructor/unwilling paranormal expert Rose Dooley, equally mild-mannered dad Martin and the ghost of his wife Bonnie.

This rag-tag band comes together in a very funny and quintessentially Irish way, full of whimsy and warmth.