NOW TV has added James Gray’s 2019 space thriller Ad Astra onto its platform.

It follows astronaut Roy McBride as he travels across the solar system in search of his missing father. He faces opposition and difficult decisions, leading him to uncover shocking truths that threaten the fate of the Earth.

Brad Pitt stars as Roy and gives a fantastic performance, exploring the complexities of depression throughout the film and presents a complex and interesting character. Tommy Lee Jones is also outstanding as Clifford McBride, complicated and brilliant.

The visuals and cinematography by Hoyte Van Hoytema are magnificent. There is an epic feel to the movie with beautiful shots of the Earth and other planets. Each set perfectly represents a new planet with colour being used especially well to reflect the ever-changing moods.

The story, while engaging, isn’t groundbreaking. The plot relies heavily on recycled storylines and narration which at times makes for lacklustre storytelling but Pitt’s acting and voice-over are continuously engaging.

If you are looking for an emotional, psychological space flick, Ad Astra is the film for you.

The breathtaking visuals and immersive journey through space and mind make this a truly incredible film.