The chairman of Oswestry Cricket Club is excited to welcome Shropshire County Cricket Club for their first friendly of the season.

Chris Wiseman is pleased Morda Road has been chosen by the county as their home ground as they take on Herefordshire in a 50-over friendly this Sunday.

Shropshire warmed up ahead of the match with a 45-over intra-squad friendly on Sunday, and Mr Wiseman was happy to welcome the side back to Morda Road.

He said: “It’s always nice to have the county there, and it’s nice to be recognized as a ground that they want to come to.

“It’s definitely nice to have them back here, and again to have them coming back here on Sunday.

“Ideally we would have liked to have been welcoming them for a competitive fixture, but we know there’s not going to be any of that this year.

“Just to get any cricket on here is very good, especially with a lot of minor counties clubs not playing at all.

“For Shropshire to be playing some games is good, and for us to be holding some of the few games they are having is great.

“It says a lot about Dave Vart and his team of groundsmen who have done an amazing job to keep the ground looking as good as it is.”

Although no competitive county cricket is to be played this season, Mr Wiseman’s Oswestry team are back in action, and he believes it will be a good opportunity to give young players an opportunity in the first team this season.

“It’s nice to have Oswestry back in action, but you can tell it is friendly cricket.” he said.

“I know we have a mini league, but when there’s no relegation or promotion to play for, you can see more players missing games because it doesn’t quite have the same competitive edge.

“I think it’s a good season for us to blood some youngsters and give them a run in the team without having too much pressure.”