IT HAS been an unusual year, to put it mildly. We have seen an unprecedented nationwide lockdown and old assumptions about how we live and organise our personal and financial security have been challenged.

There are reasons to feel positive with encouraging news about a vaccine and we are now seeing more of our society open up in what has been termed the “new normal”. But there is still uncertainty and understandable caution as to what may happen next.

One of the biggest challenges in the next few months is the government’s furlough scheme due to end on October 31. This will mean a return to work for millions of people and unfortunately a likely increase in people finding themselves without work.

The impact on the economy is likely to continue with more people still working from home compared to earlier in the year; this in turn impacts businesses which rely on footfall from office workers at lunchtime and after work.

It is likely that we will all have a need to adjust our financial plans due to the crisis.

The crucial thing to do is to review your financial position and make any adjustments as necessary based on your circumstances. This is very difficult to do as an individual, and this is where a professional financial planner can help as they have seen and reviewed thousands of plans and helped people meet their financial goals.

They have essentially “been there” and “done that”. Financial planning tools such as cashflow planning can look into your financial future and decisions or changes to your plans can be made based on this information.

At Beaumont Wealth we work in partnership with our clients to help meet their objectives. Whether this is to make sure your family is protected in uncertain times or perhaps to keep your pension and retirement plans on track. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your financial future.