THE owner of three dachshunds which were stolen from a Gobowen farm on Thursday night believes that thieves targeted her animals.

Three of Keri Arbel's dogs were stolen around midnight from Victoria Stables, in Gobowen, with the dogs – Nancy, Greta and Emily Rose – taken into a white van.

Emily Rose was heavily pregnant, leading Keri to believe that she was 'stolen to order' as the price of puppies has grown in lockdown, and admits she is uneasy at the nature of the theft.

"I definitely think she was stolen to order – we were told that her litter was going to five or more," she said.

"I've had the chocolate and tan mini for about a year so she's one, and then I rescued the girls.

"I brought them over from Serbia as I wanted them to have a life, but one came over pregnant which we didn't know about.

"Now she's very heavily pregnant.

"The fact that we were targeted makes me feel very uneasy as the place where the dogs were is right underneath my bedroom window, and right by my daughter's chalet.

"We never heard a thing until the dogs started to scream and that's when we ran downstairs, but we were too late and we saw them put them in the van.

"We have reported them to the police."

Keri, who lives on the farm with her family, admitted the noise of the dogs as they were stolen is something she will never forget, and is hoping that residents around Gobowen will be able to help get her beloved pets back.

She added: "I am devastated – one of the main things to me was hearing one of the girl's scream.

"I've never heard anything like it and I don't know what they did to her to get her in the van. But I have never heard an animal cry like that, and it was too late for us as I couldn't get out of the door.

"The other thing is, they've been treated like queens and I'm now left wondering if she's had water, has she been fed or has she had her babies.

"I couldn't have them in the house – they're a bit older and my husband about them in the house. So I bought them a little berth where they had their own sofas and whoever took them knew they were there.

"They had been staked out – there were some workmen near the farm who saw three lads acting suspiciously but it was too late.

"The dogs were taken around midnight – we have a smallholding and they are with me all day, loose and if I do go out, they go away.

"Then at 11pm I take them into their little house for the night. I did the same routine and about 11.45pm, we were woken by the dogs (screaming).

"I would pay money for people to help them come back and if anyone can help, please do."

A West Mercia Police spokesman said: "We’re investigating the unfortunate theft of three beloved pets from Gobowen.

"This is obviously a stressful and emotional time for the owners and we would encourage anyone who may have seen the dogs being taken or who has information about the whereabouts of the dogs to get in touch via 101 or report online on the tell us about section."

Anyone with information is urged to call Keri on 07854 146625 or call West Mercia Police on 101 quoting the crime number 10I31072020.