The owner of a popular tourist destination in Oswestry has admitted his dismay and disgust at finding one of the new attractions vandalised.

Richard Powell, joint owner and director of the Park Hall Countryside Experience, in Park Hall, arrived at work on Friday morning to find the new Burrowland feature had been covered in graffiti.

While he is not aware of any specific grudge against the facility, he believes that the person knew full well what they were vandalising, and thanked members of the public for their concern.

"It wasn't the greatest thing to wake up to," he said.

"We have been out there scrubbing and thankfully we have got it all off.

"It happened overnight – sometime between 7pm on Thursday night to whenever we arrived on Friday morning.

"Someone has decided to come on and do it.

"We had to close the new attraction down this morning to clean up, but because we caught it so early, it didn't impact on us too much.

"But we had to close it and that meant some people have missed out on seeing the new attraction, and that's not right.

"The whole incident is just mindless vandalism, but it is annoying it's happened to us.

"But I have to say it's heartening to see other people be as upset, annoyed and angry as we are about what has happened.

"I would they would urge other people to try to avoid this anti-social behaviour."

A post was placed on the Park Hall Countryside Experience Facebook page on Friday highlighted the nature of the vandalism.

It said: "Sometimes you feel like giving up.

"After a few very difficult months, this is the last thing that we need. Overnight our new Burrowland attraction was vandalised."

One parent, Joanne Moller – who has been a long-time member of Park Hall – said she was disgusted by the actions of the vandals.

She said: "I’m incredibly gutted to read this and ashamed that there are clearly local people that are so disrespectful to what is such an asset to our local area.

"I’m incredibly grateful for all you and your team have done to maintain this wonderful attraction for families on our doorstep.

"And especially in these difficult times. Don’t give up, you're all amazing."