Ellesmere residents have reacted angrily on social media to reports that plants from work carried out by volunteers have been stolen.

In a post by Shropshire Council staff and volunteers on the Ellesmere Community News page on Facebook, pictures showed where plants were taken out of the ground.

The thefts came after weekend volunteer works have started, proving to be popular among Ellesmere residents, who vented their anger in the comments on the post.

Al Osborne posted: “I’m furious and saddened in equal measure.

“Thank you to the people who donated the time to help our town beautiful. Your efforts aren’t devalued by the theft.”

Mike Cornes said: “That’s just the lowest of the lows, and utterly disgusting.”

Holly Brett was also left angry by the news. She said: “What is wrong with people?

“What’s the point of stealing plants?

“You could just ask for a cutting and grow it yourself.”

Marguerite Powell posted: “Green thieves!

“What kind of person would do such a thing?

“We’ll never know. I would just love to know what’s on their minds. Does it seem funny to them?

“You have to wonder if there’s a sadistic element to it, not just to the gardeners and volunteers, but to the plants. Very disheartening.”

Ricky Roberts’s believes the problem is part of a wider anti-social issue.

He said: “What is wrong with people?

“The volunteers put so much time into weeding, clearing litter, picking up and clearing up mess of all types and now theft...next they will be smashing windows and steeling quads.

“Oh sorry they have already done that – world gone mad.”

One volunteer, Jackie Traynor, has vowed to bounce back over the coming weekends.

She said: “Well I will be back at it on Saturday.

“I like our little gang, we could get a lot more done with more help, but we are cracking on and making a difference and enjoying it as we go.”

Anyone interested in joining the volunteer group who is interested should contact Mike Simms at Michael.simms@ shropshire.gov.uk or Tim Hunter at the warden’s bungalow.