WITH the gradual easing of lockdown restrictions still ongoing, we asked our Facebook followers what things they will miss the most about lockdown.

For many lockdown may have been a struggle, but some people have seen some positives changes to the area while restrictions have been in place.

For most who responded, a reduction in the amount of road traffic has been the main positive over the past few months.

More people working from home resulted in fewer cars filling up the roads during busier times of the day, and people making fewer unnecessary trips meant roads remained quieter throughout the day and night.

Rose Rogers, of Llanymynech, responded saying: “The traffic free roads – it has been so peaceful.

“Though I do drive to the shop etc., it has been lovely in Llanymynech with no lorries thundering through day and night.”

Sarah Joy Holden also insisted that traffic and pedestrian-free roads was a big positive to come out of lockdown.

Sven Evans agreed, adding: “The lack of traffic in the centre of town.

“Also, being able to hear birdsong, and the completely clear skies.”

Maggie Hill has enjoyed seeing a reduced amount of litter in the area in the region.

She said: “The beautiful litter-free surroundings – sadly people don’t seem to be able to find litter bins.”

And Amanda Owen said she will miss the nice weather the most.