A CHIRK councillor has thanked a North Wales factory which has enabled him to donate and deliver more than 45,000 pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Councillor Gareth Baines has delivered visors, masks and other items of PPE to various groups and businesses in Chirk and Shropshire since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

He says this has been made possible with the help of Ruabon-based firm, Brother Industries, which has worked hard to provide equipment for nearby communities since March.

By August, Cllr Baines is expecting to have delivered more than 50,000 items of PPE, and is pleased to have helped many communities across the region already.

He said: “I think quite a lot of people in Chirk are relieved after shielding for so long and having access to PPE.

“It has been a great boost of confidence.

“The visors have been a huge help to groups and businesses in the town – last week we delivered to Chirk Youth FC, the Brownies and the leisure centre.

“The support throughout meant we have been able to give to Chirk Hospital and Chirk Court.

“Support from Brother has spread across pretty much all businesses in Chirk, and it has also reached into Shropshire and other areas.

“It’s quite important the support is able to spread as far as it can to help various communities.”

Cllr Baines insists the work carried out by Brother has been of the highest standard.

“I think Brother’s efforts have been exemplary,” he said. “A lot of people say places have gone above and beyond, and I think that really is true at Brother.

“At the start they were 3D printing visors, and then went on to spend £5,000 on a molding tool from South Wales so they could increase the amount they were producing each day.

“I’ve been organising how and where to take the PPE, but their own staff have also been taking it to care homes, schools and other businesses.

“They have never sucked the air through their teeth or been concerned that it might be too much for them – they have continued to support the community throughout because it’s needed.

“I don’t know of many companies who have gone as far as they have.”