Councillors in Oswestry will look at developing new community garden space in the town – after a passionate debate on allotment provision.

Councillor Mike Isherwood put forward a motion that the council secure new land for allotments, as well as a community space for those who cannot manage an allotment on their own.

However, cllr Chris Schofield did not hold back in criticism of cllr Isherwood’s motion, accusing the Green Party councillor of electioneering.

“I was surprised to see this,” he said.

“It’s something that the council already has.

“The waiting list is not big, only 11, and it smacks of electioneering. This motion should have not been on the paper tonight – I am sorry for being blunt.”

Cllr Vince Hunt applauded the motion but said it was for the public to make the request as the council already provided its statutory duty for allotments.

An amendment was added to the motion, agreed by cllr Isherwood, by both cllr John Price and cllr Paul Milner that community garden projects be invited to the allotments, and that the council’s own allotment committee take responsibility for this, respectively.

Cllr Schofield seconded the latter, despite his earlier misgivings, with motion from the former mayor stating that there was not enough information about why new land would be needed.

The amendment was passed, with cllr Hunt and cllr Sandy Best ­– who called it muddled – voting against it.