WEST Mercia's Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) has welcomed government plans to give the public a greater say over policing and increasing accountability for his role.

John Campion was elected to the role in 2016, replacing Bill Longmore who had been incumbent since it was created in November, 2012

The government published its plans on Friday morning for a two-stage review, and is the first to be conducted since PCCs were introduced.

Mr Campion insisted actions that can improver the performance of both policing and PCCs should be encouraged.

“Anything that improves the safety of our communities is very welcome and this review very much falls within that," he said.

"The government is showing that it is listening to feedback and taking the right steps to further empower both Commissioners and the public.

"This should give both an even greater impact going forward in delivering effective, efficient policing and safer communities.

“The PCC role has already shown its ability to respond to changing circumstances, take on major new responsibilities and as a result deliver better effectiveness and efficiency for the public.

"The opportunity to enhance that further represents good news for communities.”

The government's review aims to give the public more information about how their Commissioner is performing; raise the profile of PCCs; make sure best practice is being shared by Commissioners; review relationships between PCCs and Chief Constables and strengthen accountability of fire and rescue services.