Netflix’s newest original movie Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga is a David Dobkin comedy, capturing the spirit of Eurovision.

It follows Fire Saga’s progress from their small Icelandic village to the Eurovision stage – a journey of success, failure and complicated romance.

Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams deliver brilliant performances as Lars and Sigrid with an endearing and adorable chemistry and unique sense of humour.

Ferrell’s vocals are wacky and amusing and provide a shocking contrast to Molly Sandén’s angelic voice over for Sigrid’s character. The songs are quintessential Eurovision: ludicrous and delightful.

Throughout the film there are nods to the real Eurovision, with cameos from Conchita Wurst and Alexander Rybak – plus Graham Norton in his familiar commentator’s role – to celebrate the contest’s overblown charm.

It is perfectly ridiculous. The costumes, songs and characters all make this film utterly hilarious with its quirky humour, even if some storylines seem rushed and underdeveloped. The twists and shocks allow for some wonderfully comical scenes to take place.

The Story of Fire Saga is perfect, non-stop hilarity, and will have you in stitches – particularly if you’re a Eurovision fan.