A continuation of Weston Rhyn Bowling club. Pam Manley has also sent this collection of pictures of Weston Rhyn Bowling Club from across the ages.

She said: “Members seen in the photographs played bowling games that afternoon and had refreshments to celebrate the occasion.

“The green was sufficiently flat enough to enable Neil Lewis to support his relative, D Cock, and to play a few ends himself from his wheelchair.

“Others on the green were: Reg Jones and Adrian Jones watching Charley Rogers bowl, and Mrs D Best bowling with R Fowler.

“Over the following years teams entered the Oswestry Bowling League and currently there are six teams competing.

“This last year one female bowler, Carron Riley, won the ladies championship competition which was held on our green on a warm sunny day.”

Play will resume next year, when the Covid-19 situation has begun to improve and allow club members to get back out onto the grass.