Bygones this week comes courtesy of Pam Manley from Weston Rhyn Bowling Club.

She says she was going through some old pictures, and unearthed pictures from across the ages showing members of the club from across a 70 year period.

Pam was kind enough to share the pictures with us.

She said: “This club has played on the green for 34 years but this is not the beginning of the history of this green.

“It was built around 1910 by the Weston Rhyn Institute trustees as a place for recreation to people living in the parish.

“The year 1910 was first mentioned in the records which are being digitised by Dr Digby James to enable future generations access to the history of this village.

“The first picture dates from approximately 1920 and shows four villagers playing on the green. They are, from the left, Jack Hughes, Owen Roberts, Rees Roberts and Oswell Roberts.

“Dress code for those days appears to have been rather stricter than today, with polished shoes, white shirts and ties and moustaches de riqueur’.

“The bowling green was restored by club memberrs in the 1980s.

“Rather later on, after periods of becoming unloved, or turned into a tennis court, or being invaded by cattle, in 1986 people of the village decided to put the green right.”

Pam added: “The minute book reveals that under the chairmanship of J T Griffiths, with 15 members on the committee, a plan of action was carried out over three years.

“The green was brought under control with mowing, weeding and seeding helped by members bringing their own mowers. The club had assistance from NACRO and external funding with a reopening on June 1, 1989.”