ENERGY providers SP Energy Networks has launched an online hub to help Shropshire Residents plan carbon neutral projects.

The free Zero Carbon Communities tool – available on the SP Energy Networks website – brings together information on local renewable energy projects, making it easier for groups to plan and invest in the community energy sector.

The tool will be used by community groups planning and developing renewable energy projects – helping them decide on the technology, location, scale, governance and management processes that will turn their net zero ambitions into reality.

It provides guidance and direction on how to approach each area to overcome potential problems at an early stage and shorten project lead times.

Examples of community energy schemes range from the introduction of solar technology through to the introduction of wind turbines.

These projects have the potential to build local energy network resilience and boost local green economies while accelerating the transition to net zero emissions.

Guy Jefferson, SP Energy Networks customer service director, said local energy projects could have the potential to transform the energy sector.

He said: "Community energy projects have the potential to transform the UK's energy sector with the introduction of renewable technology specific to the needs of the local area.

"Our new Zero Carbon Communities tool will help organisations in Shropshire develop and plan their projects effectively and efficiently, allowing them to overcome potential pitfalls and get the right investment in place quicker than ever before.

"Bespoke local energy solutions will have a key part to play if the UK is going to meet its net zero emissions targets and we're proud to play our part in making that happen.

"We're delighted to be leading the way with this industry-leading tool, which quite literally puts the power in people's hands and supports communities across the country to achieve a better future, quicker."

The Zero Carbon Communities tool is available at