Residents across the Three Parishes of Gobowen, St Martins and Weston Rhyn are being helped out by technology if they have been feeling lonely.

The Covid-19 lockdown led to an explosion in the use of online messaging and meeting, particularly for families and friends to keep in touch with each other when unable to meet face-to-face.

But that leaves people without access to a computer or smartphone, or lack confidence using such a device, at a particular disadvantage, and are likely to feel even more isolated than others.

Three Parishes Big Local says it can now help older residents in Weston Rhyn, St Martins or Gobowen who find themselves in this position. They have a number of tablet computers available on loan, and can offer some basic advice on how to make use of them to keep in touch.

Nick Heard, chairman of Three Parishes Big Local insists their help will be very helpful.

He said: "Now, more than ever, not being able to get online makes life even harder than it needs to be.

"Many of us are coming to rely on ordering food or other necessities online, but even more important is the need to keep up social contact with relatives and friends.

"Not being able to do this can cause acute feelings of loneliness.

"We hope our initiative will help people overcome the practical difficulties of not having the necessary equipment, or not knowing how to use it."

Project co-ordinator Bridget Laraway added: "We have sourced a number of tablets which we can make available on loan for a fixed period, and offer advice on how to make best use of them to people who are not familiar with them.

"We think they will immediately benefit people living on their own who are having to shield for the sake of protecting their health, or who are in vulnerable groups, but in the longer term they could also help people who have been put out of work by the pandemic and need to search for a new job.

If you're interested in taking up this offer, or if you have a relative, neighbour or friend who you think would like to borrow a tablet, please get in touch with Bridget at Qube on 01691 656882 or 07709 674617, or by emailing