TNS have been told they are not able to appeal after attempts to overturn the decision to end the JD Cymru Premier season early was rejected at the High Court.

Justice Marcus Smith had earlier dismissed TNS's claim that the FAW decision to end the season - and award the Cymru Premier League title to Connah's Quay Nomads in May because of the Covid-19 pandemic - was incorrect.

Saints had argued for a return of the ongoing season or a play-off between the top two in an eight-hour remote High Court hearing on Wednesday before Mr Justice Smith handed down his judgment on Sunday.

In a hearing to discuss the judgement on Monday morning, Mr Justice Smith said he felt TNS's argument of using rule 17.9 – covering the expunging of records should a club cease to operate – did not stand up.

In his judgment, he said: "New Saints contended that FA Wales placed too high a premium on consistency between different leagues, not all of which operate a two-phase season.

"I do not consider that FA Wales placed too high a premium on this factor and if and to the extent that New Saints were contending that this was an irrelevant factor, I reject that submission as misconceived and wrong. 

"Consistency is obviously a relevant factor, but not a decisive one.

"The question is whether one should take advantage of the fact that Phase One of the Cymru Premier League involves each Club playing all other Clubs home and away, with the result that the end of phase one represents the end of the season for most other leagues."

Mr Justice Smith also acknowledged TNS's view was that one of two options should have been considered – the title should have been awarded on standings at the end of phase one or applying results from phase one in lieu of unplayed games in phase two.

Lawyers for club also argued that the FAW should not have used points-per-game (PPG) ahead of these two options when deciding how to resolve the season.

But Mr Justice Smith added that he found nothing unlawful in the FAW use of PPG, and he also dismissed TNS's complaint that the FAW failed to revisit earlier decisions.

He also said he would not give the club permission to appeal.

Meanwhile, the FAW welcomed Mr Justice Smith's decision.

A spokesman said: "The FAW welcomes the positive decision of the High Court of Justice communicated today (July 13) concerning the case brought against the Association by The New Saints FC Limited, in regard to the curtailment of the 2019/20 Cymru Premier season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The FAW is pleased with today’s judgement and its recognition that the Association’s board of directors acted appropriately in these unprecedented times to look after the best interests of football in Wales.

"There were no easy solutions for the board in these exceptional circumstances and their decisions were made in good faith and not based on the interests of any particular club, but the wider interests of the football community.

"Being the governing body of football in Wales during these extraordinary circumstances, the FAW has a responsibility towards everyone involved in the game and continues to be mindful of all Welsh Government regulations, written statements and guidance as they evolve.

"The FAW now looks forward to continuing with its Return to Training and Play policies for the whole of Welsh football in order for the game to resume safely in the future."