AS I write this there are still no local cinemas open, so until that changes, we’re enjoying streaming some great films and TV at home. has some great world cinema available for free. People are probably most familiar with Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen from his role as the villain Le Chiffre in Casino Royale, looking suave and ruthless in a dinner jacket.

He looks neither in the truly oddball Danish film Men & Chicken, where he plays one of two brothers about to discover some disturbingly funny family secrets.

Films described as ‘quirky’ are all too often actually just twee and contrived, but this one is quirky to its core.

Other foreign films on the service are the brilliant Korean period drama The Handmaiden and the French surveillance thriller Scribe.

Netflix’s Top 10 feature allows users to see the most popular choices on the service each day and demonstrates that viewers watch some challenging stuff! I was amazed to see that the excellent Bill Pullman detective drama series, The Sinner, was the most watched recently. The Sinner is an unusual show, more a ‘whydunnit’ than a ‘whodunnit’.

Each series is based around a character who comes under investigation by US Detective Harry Ambrose (Pullman). This third series is a rollercoaster ride as Harry investigates a fatal car crash that escalates into a cat and mouse game with a killer.

The show makes a deep dive into motivation and character as the two leads discover they have more personality traits in common than may be healthy for people on opposite sides of the law.

It’s a different take on a police drama and a reminder of just how watchable Bill Pullman can be. If you don’t have Netflix, keep an eye out for The Sinner on BBC later this year.