AN OSWESTRY business owner says she is pleased to see the town slowly reopening after many businesses opened their doors for the first time in months on Saturday.

Sher Mills, of Icon Men barbers in Cross Street, was in town on Saturday as pubs, restaurants and hairdressers were among the businesses reopening after months of closure during lockdown.

Early on Saturday morning, Sher was greeted by a long queue of people waiting at the front of her shop.

She said it was a relief to see so many people out to support the town after what has been a difficult few months for many businesses and individuals.

“It has been surreal,” she said.

“We opened an hour earlier than usual on Saturday, and we were shocked to see such a large queue waiting outside for us.

“Everyone was patient and calm, and everyone was so upbeat.

“To see people there still supporting us after we had been closed for a while was fantastic.

“I was tearful the day we had to close, because for 13 years the place had never shut for even a week, never mind a longer period of time than that.

“But to see a lot of people back including regular customers and well-known faces, it was wonderful.

“We were all on a high – everyone had a story to tell from their time over the past few months.

“It was nice to feel so much positivity considering a lot of people have been through such a difficult time.”

Businesses will now be looking to get back on their feet after months of enforced closure.

With more businesses gradually opening, the town centre is slowly getting busier, and Sher says it is nice to see after seeing the town so quiet over the past few months.

“I went into town a few times [during lockdown] to put various notices up in the shop, and it was like a ghost town,” she said.

“It was so strange – to see the whole street quiet and all of the stores shut, it was really heartbreaking and sad to see the town struggling like that.

“On the other hand, to see it now picking up again and everyone taking it in their stride is great.

“It’s getting there, it will be a slow process, but Saturday and Sunday were busy and that’s nice to see again.”