OSWESTRY’S Extinction Rebellion branch carried out a demonstration recently to urge the town council to remember its Oswestry 2020 Vision.

Members of the group drew footprints and tracks on the town’s streets, including Church Street, to raise awareness for the plan set out in 2013.

The plan looked to create shared spaces where more space would be allowed for people to move around, relax and enjoy the town of Oswestry.

It also looked to bring more naturally restful spaces where trees and greenery would be present.

Members of the Oswestry XR group, including Jood Gough, believes the plan’s would be a huge boost to the town if they were to be put in place.

“This plan puts the detail on the vision – the pictures are well worth a look. They lay out beautifully how to create a more dynamic and attractive town centre where local businesses can thrive – building on the uniqueness of Oswestry and focusing on the health and well-being of residents,” she said.

Cathy Allen, who also took part in the action, added: “The designs are more relevant now than ever, as they make social distancing more feasible, and reduce pollution levels.

“At the same time their layout attracts people to use the centre of the town and help our local businesses thrive.”

Meanwhile, member Dorothy Harrison would like to see the town council encouraging spending to prioritise the well-being of residents, and spaces for pedestrians and cyclists.

She added: “We in Oswestry already have a plan in place, so we could easily achieve something brilliant here.

“Planting trees throughout the town would also help us reach the council’s target of 17,000 trees by the end of next year, and also provide much-needed green therapy and shade in times when summers are getting hotter and hotter.”

Oswestry Town Council has been approached for comment.