Allow Carol to continue...

I HAVE been involved with the Heritage Centre Coffee Shop since I moved to Oswestry in 2012.

It has always been a friendly, welcoming place and I felt comfortable on my own. I soon became part of the lovely ‘Coffee Shop Family’.

Until lockdown I played piano at lunchtime which was appreciated by everyone who came in and which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I love bringing my dogs here and we often sit in the beautiful, calm courtyard garden where I have a coffee and my dogs are fussed over by Carol.

In the past I have helped with the numerous charity events that Carol organises and also when she has had a private party.

Carol has been proprietor at the Heritage Centre Coffee Shop for the last 22 years. Her loyal service and unwavering commitment have ensured the success and longevity of the business. The Coffee Shop has become an integral part of the community, welcoming visitors from the local area and further afield.

The inclusive atmosphere at The Coffee Shop means patrons are comfortable to come alone as they know they will be given a warm welcome. It is a valuable asset in preventing loneliness and promoting friendships. Conversely, The Coffee Shop also caters for large groups including coach parties and celebrations. Recently there was a 100th birthday party held for Ruby Jones, one of the loyal, regular customers.

In addition to her duties providing beautiful, home-cooked, wholesome food and serving a variety of beverages (including beer from Oswestry’s own Stonehouse Brewery), Carol has been a hugely positive presence within the local area and nationally. She has raised tens of thousands of pounds by holding charitable events in The Coffee Shop and its beautiful grounds, donating the proceeds to numerous local and national charities.

Carol has also provided work experience opportunities for students and residents of the Derwen College and for foreign exchange students.

The popularity of our beloved Coffee Shop can be seen in the plethora of positive comments in the guest book and looking at the destinations people have travelled from. There are often comments from people who have returned from further afield because they have had such a lovely time. People are thrilled when they find out they can bring their canine companions along with them. The Coffee Shop is one of a very few establishments in the town that welcomes canine guests.

To deny Carol the opportunity to continue running her business would be a complete travesty and totally unfair. This is a lovely, well run business in a unique building which is loved by all who visit – many of whom travel back time and time again.

Come on everyone, do the right thing and allow Carol to continue at the Heritage Centre for as long as she wants to.

Jan Ellis,


Keep Carol in town

I’M WRITING with regards to the notice to quit that has been served to Carol at the Heritage centre coffee shop in Oswestry.

Carol has been the proprietor for 22 years, and has recently been served a notice to quit, without warning. The coffee shop is a popular place to visit, not just for local people but attracts visitors from surrounding towns. She welcomes everyone with a warm and friendly attitude, and goes above and beyond to provide a positive experience.

Cafés commonly refuse entry to dogs. However, Carol is one of the exceptions, she adores dogs and this is clear when one walks through the door. This is part of what creates the happy atmosphere, which is clear to see by the interactions between customers, you enter strangers and leave as friends.

The coffee shop not only provides home cooked meals and beverages, including serving beer from Oswestry’s own Stonehouse Brewery, but caters to large groups, including celebrations and coach parties.

Carol has raised thousands of pounds for charity, holding fundraising events in her coffee shop. She also provides work experience for students from Derwen College, who have a range of learning difficulties and disabilities, giving them a chance to thrive and a place to belong in a work environment. The work experience opportunities are also extended to foreign exchange students, further enhancing the diversity.

My families experiences have always been positive and were regular visitors, making a 26-mile round trip at least once a week.

It would be unfair for Carol to have to leave the coffee shop, and a big loss to the community and all that she does for people. She has provided a sanctuary for almost a quarter of a century. Carol doesn’t turn anybody away from her premises, so I am appealing to you for help to prevent her being turned away from it by the council.

Tammy Brown,


Carol’s café

I HAVE both known Carol Roberts and been a customer of the Heritage Centre Coffee Shop for more years than I care to recall and become firm friends with all the staff and other regular customers.

Carol has, for the last 22 years, been proprietor at the Heritage Centre Coffee Shop showing loyal unwavering commitment ensuring the businesses’ longevity and success.

To say I was surprised, shocked and appalled to hear of the Town Council’s treatment of Carol Roberts by unceremoniously and without warning not only serving a notice to quit but also telling her to clear out 22 years’ worth of the Coffee Shop’s charming, characterful interior.

I am stunned that this behaviour could be backed and carried out by our Town Council. I urge that the Town Council reconsider. If something works as well as I believe Carol runs the Heritage Centre Coffee Shop and therefore is not broken why try and change it and spoil it completely.

Jane Powell,