OSWESTRY Town Council has defended its decision to close Cae Glas Park earlier than its usual opening hours in response to the pandemic.

The park usually remains open until dusk under but gates have been closing earlier to prevent large gatherings.

A spokesman for the town council insists the advice given by the Government will be followed.

He said: “Opening times have been extended and toilets and tennis facilities reopened. This will continue in line with Government advice.”

Some residents have been disappointed with the earlier closing times, with one saying it is unfair for people who work longer hours during the day.

One said: “I think it’s bad to see the park not being open until later into the evening like it should be.

“They’re opening it this week from 7am until 6pm – but it has always been until dusk, so hours change depending on how much daylight we have.

“I was there last week on a beautiful day, and people were all having to leave really early.

“It doesn’t make sense to me – all the other parks across the county are open into the evening.”

The same resident also insisted the park should not be closed while people are permitted to use shops and other indoor facilities in the town.