Seven months after its launch, Disney+ gives us a new original.

The Kenneth Branagh-directed, novel-adapted film ‘Artemis Fowl’ tells the story of young Artemis (Ferdia Shaw) as he hunts down his missing father while coming to terms with the fact that fairies and goblins really do exist.

As he clashes with the fairy race, he must find the powerful weapon, the Aculos, in order to free his father.

Josh Gadd’s character, Mulch, acts as a narrator, limiting character development throughout the film as most of the story is told through him.

Therefore, you find that none of the characters feel fully developed and as a viewer, you have no emotional connection to any of them. Both Gadd and Judi Dench’s characters are comedic at the right times but have nothing else to them. However, it does have to be said that for his first film, Shaw does a commendable job at portraying Artemis and Lara McDonnell makes a charming character of Holly Short.

One enjoyable aspect of this film is a brilliant soundtrack. Patrick Doyle delivers beautiful fantasy pieces with Irish influences that really enhance the scenes.

However, the climax is lacklustre and there isn’t a real sense of threat at any point. The plot is thin and doesn’t seem to reflect the well-rounded, interesting storyline seen in the novels. Thus, if you are a big fan of the books, this disappointing film might not be for you.