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Shocked and saddened at coffee shop plans

WE ARE shocked and deeply saddened to hear that the Heritage Centre Coffee Shop is being considered for refurbishment and possibly for a change of use.

We have been regular visitors to the Heritage Centre and Coffee Shop for many years. The fact that we make the 130 miles round trip, is surely testament in itself that we hold it in the highest regard.

Carol and her staff are exemplary hosts, which is something we often find lacking in other establishments.

It is also the only coffee shop/cafe that is truly ‘dog friendly’, as opposed to being ‘dog tolerant’.

New visitors to the centre are immediately made to feel like part of the regular coffee shop family.

The heritage centre building, the tourist Information, the coffee shop and staff are the combined heart and soul, which makes it the very special and unique establishment that it is.

Where else would you find information about the town and surrounding areas, delicious food and drink, friendly company, back ground live piano music, a very attractive courtyard and vast array of local arts and crafts?

Carol has also worked tirelessly for many local and national charities from the coffee shop, during the 22 years she has been there (Blue Cross, Guide Dogs and Donkey Sanctuary to name a few).

Carol is a great listener and is someone who’s genuinely kind, caring and readily supports customers with any problems they may have – she is definitely a great tonic and would be sorely missed.

If you are in any doubt what a special place this is to so many, please take time to read the hundreds of comments in the visitor book, or check the Tripadvisor reviews.

We are in no doubt that there are many other people who share our deep concerns, regarding any proposed changes to the Heritage Centre.

We therefore kindly and respectfully request that you reconsider your plans for the proposed refurbishment.

After 22 years of hard work and dedication from Carol, we feel that she deserves your full support in getting the Centre and Coffee Shop up and running again, as soon as it is safely possible.

Thank you for your attention and consideration regarding this matter.

We look forward to your reassuring and positive response.

John and Christine Andrews,


No one can change history

Defacing statues, pulling them down and smashing graves will never change history.

You can have as many opinions as you like but will not change facts as known.

Clive of India, as he was called, was part of British and Indian history and that is a fact that cannot be changed.

Many Indian people have settled in Britain and many born British, and contributed greatly to this country, they have fought in war and other conflicts.

They too are a great part of British history, how are you going to rid Britain of India’s great contribution to this country,you cannot pull them down.

No doubt Clive made a fortune out of India, but he could not have done that without the contribution from the nation, nor without giving some thing back, like jobs homes water, to a people who had less than nothing at that time in history.

Most Indians and descendants do not care about a statue, nor do I but I do care when people think they have the right to change our history with wanton vandalism, they have no such right.

Most who want the statue removed have never set foot in modern day India, I have and seen the slums people are forced to call home the wretched hopelessness of families, children deserted and homeless working 12-14 hours,plus per day, to get just a small meal, and sleep in the open being abused by their own.

No one helps them. The Indian Government is a disgrace and care more about launching rockets than their people.

Children are still used as slave labour not by the British but by their own, mostly the rich.

Trying to change history is so stupid when many nations across the world enslave their own, Britain has also a past of enslaving its own, for example being sent into service to the rich.

While it is very well-meaning of the owner of the ironworks to offer to replace statue of Clive with one of his works, the statue will stay and the people who think they can change history should be removed.

We do not want a heap of scrap metal to replace a statue.

In my view Shropshire should not allow this or any other statue or monument in Shropshire to be removed or defaced.

A Gosling,

North Shropshire

Please help avoid kitten crisis

Due to fewer vets neutering during Covid-19, as many as 84,000 extra kittens could be born this summer.

This is why we are urging people to keep their un-neutered cats indoors, and also un-neutered males and females and siblings apart, until vet practices can become fully operational and resume neutering.

Cats Protection has produced an infographic with useful tips on how to stop cats becoming pregnant:

The charity can also support owners on limited incomes with the costs of neutering when vet practices are fully operational again. Call Cats Protection’s Neutering Line on 03000 12 12 12 (option two) or visit the charity’s website at

A survey of 1,000 cat owners has highlighted many are unaware of the importance of neutering and the consequences for not neutering cats at the earliest opportunity.

Seventy seven per cent were unaware that a female cat can become pregnant from four months old and 86 per cent didn’t know that an un-neutered female cat can have as many as 18 kittens in a year.

Our fear is that many kittens born will be left on the streets. Cats Protection is full up with cats and, owing to Covid-19, is unable to admit many more except in emergencies.

We hope your readers can help do their bit and help to prevent a kitten crisis.

Sarah Reid,

Cats Protection