A CHIRK girl with cerebral palsy is looking to take on a huge challenge in memory of a late family friend.

Lydia Griffiths is set to climb Snowdon in memory of Joannah Houghton, who she knew as Auntie Jo, who died in April after a four-year battle with cancer

By taking on the challenge, Lydia hopes to raise £1,000 for Wrexham-based charity Nightingale House Hospice, which has supported Mrs Houghton’s family.

Among the many supporting Lydia with her challenge to summit the 3,560-foot-tall mountain will be her parents Darren and Joanne, and her twin sister Madison, who are all extremely proud of Lydia for walking in memory of Auntie Jo.

Lydia’s father, Darren, insists Auntie Jo was an inspiration to many.

He explained: “She was incredibly positive throughout and never let it get her down despite undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

“Her positivity meant she was a big inspiration to everybody – unfortunately, we knew that cancer would win the battle as it was terminal.

“She was a really good friends of my wife and I, as well as our daughters – they’re both 16 now and had known Jo all of their life.

“They called her ‘Auntie Jo’, so they were very close with her for many years.

“Off the back of her passing away, we’ve looked at fundraising aspects to see how we could raise funds for Nightingale House, because we know how incredibly important it was to Jo, her partner and children.

“The service they provide is immense and relies on fundraising.”

In taking on the challenge to climb Snowdon, Lydia is attempting something she has never done before.

Darren believes his daughter’s determination to complete the climb is overwhelming.

“Lydia has battled through many things in her life – walking being one of them as well as other things a ‘normal’ 16-year-old can do,” he said.

“She came up with the idea, so she wanted to challenge herself while raising money.

“It’s about overcoming obstacles – Lydia will always face challenges in her life, but she has seen Auntie Jo being positive and being such an inspiration and not letting cancer stop her doing anything.

“Even until her last few days she was still positive and smiling, so Lydia has been really inspired by her attitude.

“It’s something Lydia has taken from Jo and will no doubt carry with her throughout her life.

“She’s hoping to be able to take that positivity into this challenge with her and hopefully pass it on to other people.”

It is not the first fundraiser Lydia has taken on, after she raised more than £2,100 in 2018 for The Movement Centre after taking part in the Dorney Lake Triathlon event in London.

Darren added: “We’re massively supportive of her with it – her sister will be doing it alongside her as well as other family members and friends who will come along.

“We’ve looked at some other fundraising ideas as well, but the main bulk of it will be the Snowdon climb.

“We’re incredibly proud of her – to see the fight in Lydia to take on these challenges is amazing.”

He also thanked Nightingale House Hospice for the support they have shown Lydia as she looks ahead to the Snowdon climb.

If you would like to support Lydia by making a donation to her fundraiser, visit www.justgiving.com/fundraising/cpsnowdonandme