RESIDENTS in Gobowen have reacted angrily to proposals for static caravans to be built on Henlle Park Golf Course

The plans were submitted in May by golf club owner Ralph Tomley for the course to be reduced by half and 120 static caravans to be built as part of a leisure complex on the site, which sits by the A5.

But residents and objectors say they had not been made aware of the plans and Shropshire Council's planning portal was flooded with more than 30 objections this week.

Nearly all comments against the development have highlighted, in their view, the already poor road links for the area, and some arghued the development would be bad for the natural environment in Gobowen.

One commentator, Dawn Pugh, said: "Firstly the access to this site can only be described as lethal. The amount of additional traffic will ruin a lovely village.

"The lane itself is getting far to busy with traffic, rubbish is found down the lane currently .

"The amount of traffic currently is worrying going passed a primary school that is not to far away from the site, if this was passed it would an accident waiting to happen.

"The roads around Henlle golf course are used by so many families this would not be a viable route for families with small children.

"Not far away from the golf club are luxury lodges offering holidays therefore – why do we need a caravan site?

"This proposal will add extra pressure to the A5 which is already struggling."

Meanwhile, Anthony Woolley, a co-trustee of Henlle Hall Graveyard which adjoins the proposed development site, says they have not been given enough time to study the plans and should have been alerted.

He said: "As adjoining land owners we should have been informed directly of the planning application by letter and given the fullest amount of time to study the details of such application.

"I have heard about the application from other members of the public and not directly from Shropshire Council or the applicant. I submit that the applicant and Shropshire Council are in breach of their planning obligations and that more time should now be allowed for us to consider the proposals.

He added: "I would argue that the proposed development should not take place for reasons of light pollution, increased road traffic and traffic pollution, the irreversible effects of the development on the natural landscape, the trees (particularly those protected by tree preservation orders), the wildlife and wildlife habitats and for the health and wellbeing of local residents (whose Council Tax you are most happy to collect)."

Jane Rees, from Gobowen, added: "I am absolutely horrified and terribly disappointed to see this application to put a leisure complex of static caravans on an area of beautiful historic parkland.

"When the applicant proposed to put a golf course on this area of what was originally farmed land, I did not object as I trusted his views on conservation and the grant received would ensure that nothing damaging would be allowed to happen.

"This proposed complex would be the kiss of death to the wildlife, flora and fauna on this beautiful area that was planted and designed hundreds of years ago and is teeming with birds, including Red Kites that were spotted overhead recently."

Residents can place their comments, objection or support for the development at

The deadline for comments is July 16.