The wife of a man attacked in Oswestry over the weekend has made an emotional appeal for the return of his phone which had a voicemail from his deceased mum.

Lloyd Wycherley, 46, was attacked in the early hours of Saturday morning, in Coppice Drive, on his way to work when his attackers threw a bottle of Jack Daniels at him.

Wife Annie, 39, says his Sony Xperia XZ phone was stolen and contained a voicemail from his mum, who passed away in January, and she is urging anyone who may come across the phone to hand it in for Lloyd’s sake.

“Police think the phone has been dumped as it was ringing,” she said. “It’s very sentimental to us.

“Lloyd’s mum rang him on New Year’s Eve – we don’t celebrate it so we’d gone to bed.

“It was from her bed and she said’ Happy New Year, I love you and I will see you tomorrow’ but she died three days later.

“He’s already recorded the voicemail when he was swapped phones and it’s on the SD card in the phone, but please, if you find it, return it to us.

“You can take it to Tina’s Shop in York Street, and if you have any details of the attack, then please do get in touch with the police.”

Annie says the attack has had some impact on Lloyd, and gave details on how it unfolded and is hoping people may be able to help.

“He’s still a bit shook up,” said Annie, who confirmed Lloyd will have surgery on his hand this week because of injuries that he received when he was hit with the bottle during the attack.

“He went out with the dog the other night and said he sat on a wall and felt a little unnerved.

“One lady has messaged me to say she saw them running towards them and she thinks she heard one of them say ‘you hit him with a bottle’.

“We live at the top of Coppice Drive and Lloyd usually pulls up at the end of the road to set up his bluetooth in case any calls come through for work.

“He was minding his business and then he heard the swearing first, and then the bottle came so swiftly after.

“Lloyd has completely severed his ligament and tendon of his right-hand index finger – he managed to get away from more.”

If you have any information, call West Mercia Police on 101 and quote 22/50713/0.