THE chairman of a youth football club has been left frustrated after vandals defaced parts of the club with graffiti.

Mark Evans, chairman of Chirk Youth Football Club, was made aware of the graffiti which had been sprayed onto the club’s children’s football lockup, situated on the AAA playing fields.

Similar graffiti had also been sprayed onto the town’s skate park situated at a field near the club.

The club’s chairman says it is an act which has upset a large number of people in the town.

“It’s really frustrating – especially in a time like this,” said Mr Evans.

“I think it was first noted a few weeks ago because a similar thing had happened at the skate park in Chirk.

“With Chirk being such a close community, you don’t just upset one or two people by doing something like this, you upset a lot of people.”

The youth football club looks after a large number of children who play between the ages of six and 16.

Mr Evans believes it is disappointing to deface something which is situated next to where the children play their football.

He said: “That’s where all of our youngsters play, and so if they see that, they might think it’s ok to act in a similar way and draw on stuff elsewhere, which it isn’t.

“We were looking at having a revamp up there and having all of the sheds done up and things like that, but then again if you spend a lot of money on something, a similar incident could happen in a few weeks’ time.”

Chirk’s youth team is still awaiting the go-ahead for training to resume, with clubs across the border now able to conduct training in line with restrictions imposed by the UK Government.