Your letters for this week...

We need a revival of love and prosperity

IT WAS fearful to see the mindless violence of mobs rioting on our streets – is this the face of the future in our once democratic country?

This virus is having a drastic effect with three million out of work and increasing, children missing education.

There’s already a vast gap between the rich and the poor in our country and now it will be far worse.

The poor are struggling to put food on the table, children are going hungry.

There’s many things in the shops they would love to have, apart from what they see on TV.

I pray that the rioting and looting we have seen in the USA will not be repeated here.

In France three centuries ago the poor revolted against rich and there was a bloody revolution.

The mobs’ entertainment was the guillotine.

In Britain the same thing could have happened had not the preaching of John Wesley brought about a mass revival especially among the poor.

A revival of love, caring for each other, respect and right living, singing joyfully to God.

We need to pray for a Christian revival.

The future may look bleak but God is in the business of blessing and prosperity.

Ron Jones,

St Martins

Thanks to postcode lottery players for cat protection support

I WOULD like to thank players of People’s Postcode Lottery for their continued support as Cats Protection enters its third year of funding.

During these challenging times, Cats Protection is working flat out to keep caring for cats and the wonderful support we receive from players has never been more appreciated.

People’s Postcode Lottery players have helped us find loving new homes for thousands of cats by supporting essential cat care assistant and volunteer team leaders roles at our centres across England, Scotland and Wales, and funding our two cat behaviour posts who ate specialists and provide advice and support to our centres and branches.

In addition, 10,000 microchips have been provided to our centres, helping to ensure that cats leave our care with a safe and permanent means of identification.

Over the coming year, players will also be supporting our important advocacy work.

This will help us create a better world for cats via campaigns such as Purrfect Landlords and Microchips Reunite, as well as helping to cover the overall costs of looking after cats at our centres.

Anyone wishing to find out more about the work of Cats Protection, or needing cat related advice, can visit

James Yeates,

Cats Protection

Get pets used to masks

With more people wearing face masks due to Covid-19, particularly on public transport when it will be compulsory from June 15, it is vital to get our pets used to us all looking a little different.

To help pets to be familiar and comfortable with us wearing face masks pop one on for 10 to 30 seconds during a game with them.

Play standing up in your mask just in case they are worried by it.

Randomly wear a face mask for short periods while doing normal activities like cleaning so they become unfazed and prepared for when you and others are wearing masks more often.

Ryan Neile,

Blue Cross

Good luck Oswestry – you’re going to need it

I WANT to wish Oswestry the best of luck as it tries to come to terms with the changing Covid-19 world.

As a frequenter of this letters page, it is not unknown that I am a lover of your brilliant town and throughout the lockdown, I have been touched by the behaviour of your people.

Yes, there is a time when people have not queued with two metres, or have broken lockdown when they shouldn’t be, but they are a minority and the way most have acted through the recent months is something to behold.

But please remember that just because the shops are open that the virus has gone away.

It hasn’t and if people don’t act the way they should, then in my humble opinion, we face the prospect of another lockdown and people will not be able to see this wonderful town at its best.

In my opinion, that is in autumn when the park comes alive with a dazzling array of colours and smells as the seasons change.

I have seen my own town of Wrexham do the same and I would like my second town – Oswestry – to lead in the way in keeping people on the right side of the virus, so shop keepers and the like who have been allowed to reopen can start their recovery.

I love Oswestry and I want you to be the best you can, but you’ve got to follow the rules, otherwise what’s the point. And remember, keep two metres apart.

Steve Jacobs,


Drowning week

Families are being urged to improve their water safety knowledge amid fears that this summer will see a sharp rise in fatalities and accidents.

As part of its Drowning Prevention Week campaign, this year taking place from June 12-19, the Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK) is appealing for people to learn basic water safety and rescue skills, and build their confidence in, on and around the water, which could ultimately save lives.

The charity is fearful that there could be a significant rise in drowning accidents and fatalities across the UK this summer when lockdown restrictions lift further, with a worrying number of accidents already hitting the news.

Despite the number of drownings dropping in the UK last year, latest statistics reveal 623 people still died from drowning in the UK in 2019, and with lifeguard patrols currently postponed and emergency services already stretched to the limit, people are more at risk now than ever before.

Robert Gofton,