Welcome back to the Oswestry Advertizer Camera Club and you can tell these pictures were submitted last week – no rain pictures!

Away we go from top left and we’ve got some sunny ducks for you, including Mary Morgan’s, which looks like a duck wearing a duck mask and Julie Sheffield’s at Aston Locks.

Next is Claire Wellings’s picture of a hot air balloon in Oswestry playing the worst game of hide and seek you have ever seen, or it was brought up by trees?

Over the page, we have a brilliant tree by Michelle Kelsall with the light of a setting sun below, and then next to that, can you identify this spider in David Walker’s garden? Apart from for the arachnophobes, doesn’t it look superb?

Michael Cole caught these two blue tits who are from The Matrix – brilliant! Linda McGowan’s three-legged cow is next (it’s ok, one’s hidden) and then Jenna Parry’s lockdown haircut bird.

Next up is Andrew Moz’ scheming squirrel and it’s tongue out and a cheeky smile for Wendy Clough Jones.

Back over the page, Julie Sheffield’s shot of all the Whittington swans and their brood.

Paul Hanrahan’s shot of these recently-spawned frogs taking their first hops, but at the opposite end of the world, Paul Meakin go5t this excellent shot of a hunting buzzard.

And Lucy Evan’s stunning sunset to finish.