FINDING your place in the world can often be a journey for anyone, but for one former Llanfyllin High School pupil, it has seen him arrive in the far east.

Jos Doggett, who is currently back on home soil because of the Covid-19 pandemic, has established himself in Japan as Saviour 3.0, an electronic musician with official soundtracks and albums under his belt.

He has been travelling around Asia and Australia, and it was on his return with his mind expanded that he began to upload his music to YouTube and Spotify, and has now built up a community of fans for his 'experimental electronics' work, which left him both delighted and somewhat surprised.

"I was always making music myself but never sharing it with anyone," said Jos, who plans to return to Japan to marry his girlfriend Natsuki, who he met in Yokohama.

"I decided to travel to more countries around the world to give me a wider perspective and when I came back to England or Wales I would make money with part-time jobs.

"I discovered that I couldn't work for others and this was when I became very interested in self-made businesses and Buddhism and stoicism.

"I started uploading my experimental electronic music to YouTube just for fun – I was experimenting by mixing genres of music together to make something new with a heavy focus on synth.

"To my surprise, I was getting great feedback from the small number of people listening and a few months later I was discovered by a label that promoted my music to more than two million people. I finally felt happy and fulfilled and I knew what I wanted to do with my life."

Jos has lived in Japan since the start of 2019, but has played music from a young age, including piano.

A self-confessed shy boy, but in a good group of friends, he admits he has always had big ambitions without direction, and has spent time at Oswestry College and also Staffordshire University but felt that education stifled his creativity.

He added: "It's now been 18 months since I started and I now have a great community of more than four thousand followers and three million streams.

"I have been featured by a few labels now and some songs of my own on Spotify reaching 100k streams in a few months.

“I studied English so I could teach abroad and travel and fund myself with my music part-time and will soon hopefully make this my full-time job.

"I moved to Japan because of its roots in Buddhism and respect of one another and because the culture is so different it felt like I had to learn things all over again which I love.

"I am now working on films and games with my music and soon hope my independent dream will be a full career as with each day, it's looking more and more likely.

"My advice to anyone studying in Llanfyllin now is to never give up on your passion and try your hardest to make it your life and work. Finding your purpose in this modern world is more difficult than ever with technology but never give up looking and experimenting."

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