Welcome to another week of the Oswestry Advertizer Camera Club and we have to say, the submissions this week have been brilliant.

If you want to see the ones that didn’t make the final cut, please head to Facebook, and better still, join us and submit your own.

Starting rom left to right, we have Tracey Mullock’s enjoying a runaround in the long grass while below that we have a timeless shot in Morda by Lucy Evans.

Jenna Parry’s wonderful sunset is next and then as we hop over the page, we have the first of two damselflies, with David Mottram’s lovely shot and below that, one from Haf Evans who caught a common blue.

Top right we have Marian Morris’s view of the Ceiriog Valley, which is stunning, while below that Kevin Richards caught these two fledgling crows ready for more food.

And we have one of the best shots of the day with Jill Adger’s dog Jude smiling for the camera after having a dip – amazing.

Mary Morgan managed to get a wink out of a cow who was having a rest while David Walker managed to a point-of-view shot from his dog ready for a run.

Back over the page we have an empty boat from Pat Marzelos set in beautiful countryside.

Julie Sheffield sent in this busy bee and a gentle sunny shot of Aston Locks by Rob Perry.

And to finish, what a girl band album photo this is from Lesley Mchugh towards the gurn and some peaceful cows.