The chairman of The New Saints has confirmed he is taking legal action against the Football Association of Wales (FAW) with regards to the curtailment of the 2019/20 season.

Mike Harris admits he was disappointed with the outcome of the season, which saw The New Saints finish in second place as the league was cut short with six games still to play.

With leagues across Europe preparing to resume their seasons after long breaks enforced by the COVID-19 outbreak, Mr Harris believes it was unfair to call an end to the season so early.

He believes the decision has resulted in a lack of sporting integrity and merit, and was confused as to why clubs were not able to vote on the final decision.

“The sporting merit has been missed completely,” he said.

“All the other leagues are starting up and names of teams don’t need to be provided to Europe until July 20, so there’s plenty of time.

“Maybe the competition could’ve been revised and a small knockout could have been played to determine who finished where in the league.

“Europe insists on sporting merit, and I can’t understand why the league have missed sporting merit completely.

“We’ve started legal action, and this isn’t sour grapes, it’s about sporting merit and the integrity of the game.”

“We feel as though that hasn’t been given the right chance, especially as clubs weren’t able to vote on the decision.”

Mr Harris was also critical of the way the news was conveyed to the clubs, saying the first he heard of it was in the media.

He said: “We found out through the press – it got leaked out before we got the information.

“That was poorly-handled, and I think Jonathon Ford [Football Association of Wales CEO] needs to seriously look at himself at the moment.

“A reformed competition, perhaps some form of knockout, would’ve meant very few games and would’ve determined on sporting merit, the outcome.

“This isn’t just us, we believe other teams are disappointed. It was an absolute shambles the way the message was conveyed with the club.”

FA Wales has been approached for comment.