Welcome back to the Whitchurch Herald Camera Club and thanks once again for your submission this week, because we know the weather had a bit of a change.

From hot sunshine to high winds, you’ve still managed to get out and about to take pictures for the club, so thank you.

Now, on with this week and it’s a moody shot from Dave Forrester to begin with, and it captures the early or late in the day sunshine.

Below that, Pauline Jones caught Whixall Moss looking pretty wild in the late spring/early summer colours and it’s a fine shot.

Next to that, Carl Wynn’s picture of a pheasant in the late sun came about because he was ‘umming and aahring’ about whether to head out and we’re quite glad he did with that superb shot.

Below that, we mean, come on. Have you ever seen a cheeky little face like that? If this paper was interactive, you’d be reaching out to touch the face of this sunning water vole by Kate Long!

Superb stuff.

Below that to the left we have an interesting picture from Karin Goddard who managed to catch a misty sun trying to break through the clouds.

Next to that, we have a superb picture at Alderford Lake from 11-year-old Joe Sheridan, who created quite the splash with this shot at the popular spot in town.

And to finish, we have this very colourful shot from Kathryn Goddard after her walk around Whitchurch during the lockdown recently.