Welcome to this week’s Oswestry Advertizer Camera Club and we have to say that the submissions have been so good from you all.

We’ll get straight into it and start from left to right, with Pat Marzelos capturing this sheep having a rest in the shade, while below that, Andrew Moz has been for a walk around Weston Pools.

Next to that, don’t you hate it when you’re mid-meal and someone shouts ‘picture!’ and that’s what Michael Cole caught.

Mary Morgan caught this wonderful landscape while out and about, and then we have a quite furious Wren from Heather Price – wonder why?

John Barrett caught two blue tits who are fledgling and ready for their first action out and about his garden, and there’s one from Julie Sheffield.

Jill Adger is next up with her progress picture of the Whittington Castle cygnets, while Trevor Bates sent in a picture of his daughter’s new foal. What a stunner!

And then to finish over the page, we have Wendy Clough Jones with a visitor at the birdfeeder but didn’t ID the feathered friend so if you can help?

Rob Perry caught a dragonfly on a leaf, while Jody Wilson managed to trace the ISS over Oswestry.

Growing up, we called these ‘diddy darts’, from Neil Evans and to finish, a beautiful pony by Dave Hutton.