Newly added to NowTV and also available on Disney+, The Lion King is a star-studded, Oscar-nominated remake of the 1994 original.

It tells the story of Simba (Donald Glover) who, after his father’s tragic death is forced by his suspicious uncle to flee his home and start a new life. He meets unlikely new friends Timon (Billy Eichner) and Pumba (Seth Rogen) who become his new family. Later, the mysterious reality of his father’s death and the controlling nature of his uncle lead Simba to return home and fight for his family.

The visual effects in this film are astounding. Every scene is incredible and captures the beauty of the African landscape. It offers a complete contrast to the original’s cartoonish design, with a hyper realistic feel which is just stunning.

With stars such as Donald Glover playing Simba and Beyoncé playing Nala, the vocals are wonderful. Each song is fun and catchy and great for a family sing along. Although very close to the original soundtrack, there are some deviations from the original lyrics and melodies which does, however, take away from the nostalgia at times. Seth Rogen’s Pumba and Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Scar are both played brilliantly with them both catching the real essence of the original characters.

This film is packed full of great songs and classics for the whole family to sing along to. One of Disney’s better remakes, it is definitely worth a watch.