IN THE May 13 edition of The Advertizer, we thanked Michael Hudson for his picture of knitted dolls around Oswestry but incorrectly attributed the dolls’s creation to him.

The toys were, in fact, knitted by Angie Mills and the Crafty Knitters, to raise money for the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Hospital in Gobowen and to keep people amused on their daily walks during the lockdown.

So far they have raised £300, having started in the first week of lockdown and produce new displays every week.

This week, the knitted teddies have been out and about on display in Hampton Rise, where they have been decorating, with some taking to painting holding up their rollers, while the others have been sawing some wood.

We apologise for the incorrect labelling of the pictures and congratulate them on their efforts so far.

If you see the knitted dolls on your walk and capture them in a photograph, then why not send your efforts to the Oswestry Advertizer Camera Club on Facebook.