Gangs of London is Sky’s newest crime thriller packed with action and suspense.

In modern day London, the Wallace family reigns over all criminal activity. But when Finn Wallace (Colm Meaney), the leader of this family is assassinated, chaos ensues. Sean Wallace (Joe Cole), the heir to the business must work with close friends, the Dumani family as well as suspicious new stranger Elliot (Sope Dirisu), to uncover the mysteries of his father’s death. This quest begins to unravel the international ties with multiple countries and the chaos becomes anarchy.

With co-writers Gareth Evans and Matt Flannery who are noted for their work on martial arts films, the action scenes are spectacular. Fight scenes are packed full of nail-biting tension and stunning cinematography. It’s brutal, bloody and brilliant. Each scene has impeccable style leaving the viewer in awe. Although it is incredibly violent, it isn’t excessively violent. The savage nature of the characters is an interesting reflection and dramatisation of modern day organised crime. It shows the importance of family and honour in these atypical households.

With a superb cast, this show comes with incredible acting. In particular, Dirisu and Cole deliver outstanding performances. Their wonderful portrayals of these complex characters give the show extra layers of emotion and suspense. Once you start watching, you’re unable to look away: it’s perfect for binge-watching.

A modern-day Peaky Blinders, this crime drama is a must-watch for any action lovers. Although the tremendous amount of brutal violence isn’t for everyone, it is truly entertaining.