NORTH Wales Police has issued a warning to residents in the region after more than 70 reports of a new television licensing scam.

The email has caught the attention of police in the region after Action Fraud said it has had a large volume of reports of the scam.

Emails being reported claim that the recipient’s direct debit has failed and that they need to pay for their license in order to avoid prosecution.

These emails display the subject header: “We couldn’t process the latest payment from your Debit Card – COVID-19 Personalized Offer: You are be eligible for a 1 x 6 months of free TV Licence”.

The emails include a link to set up a new direct debit on a website which is controlled by the criminals.

The end of the email also offers six free months of a TV license, and instructs the recipient to click the link to apply the offer.

The link goes to a sign-in page with an online application form, providing the criminals with an opportunity to steal email logins, passwords and personal details.

Anyone who receives an email like this, or any other suspicious email, is urged to report it to the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) immediately by forwarding it to

The NCSC’s automated programme will immediately test the validity of the site. Any sites found to be phishing scams will be removed immediately.