THE majority of Oswestry residents believe lockdown restrictions should remain in place, but there are those who think it’s time to re-open the High Street, according to The Advertizer's Facebook page.

We asked our Facebook followers if they feel lockdown measures are still necessary, or whether they believe it is time to relieve restrictions and push for a return to normality.

Opinions were split, but most of those who responded believe it is still too soon to be returning back to normal life.

Many people had sympathy for the businesses missing out on trade during the lockdown, but feel it is still too soon.

Carmel Clarke said: “I feel really sorry for small businesses but I think it is too soon.”, while pub landlady Sara Maccall added: “I own a pub, and I still think it’s too soon.”

Meanwhile, David Speed said it is important to prioritise health over wealth.

Pete Williamson was another resident who believes it would be too early to re-open everywhere, adding: “I have had no income since March but am still breathing. Family on the frontline [are] under pressure, they don't need more pressure. It's tough, but it's how it is.”

There were people who held contrasting views however, including Andy Joseph, who fears thousands of jobs will be lost if we wait longer before returning back to normal.

He said: “Get back to normal now, if not thousands out of work, businesses gone, mortgages unpaid, homes gone forever.”

Sheila Harper held the same view, saying: “Open everywhere up because little shops will close because they have got no money coming in.”

Residents Julia Card and Taylor Clements were both keen to see the town re-open cautiously.

Julia said: “Think we are going to have to live with it for a while, so we need to cautiously re-open.”

Taylor added: “I feel the independent pubs and bars and shops are suffering really hard , so with social distancing in place I’d say re open them before it’s too late.”

Some of our readers were on the fence about the issue, with Sue Miller concerned about the possibility of enforcing social distancing measures in some of Oswestry’s narrow streets.

She said: “It's very hard to do social distancing in Oswestry, the paths are narrow and if you go on the road you get tooted at, if some form of cordoning off measures could be put in place it might be possible to reopen some larger businesses where social distancing is more possible.

“I always wear a facemask in town and I have seen a few more people adopting this measure, it sends a signal to the less aware.”

Amy Nurse added: “I think it should be up to the owners of the shops. If they think they can open, following the COVID-19 measures.

“The let them open them. If not, then let them keep them shut.”