An OSWESTRY School athlete has been accepted as a member of one of the UK’s most prestigious running clubs.

Aaron Warburton, member of Oswestry Olympians athletics club and the Oswestry School Cross Country team, is now part of the British Milers Club, after he ran 800m in two minutes and 13 seconds.

The achievement is a huge one for Aaron who is still only 13. He will be competing in the men’s under-15s category for the club.

With the club regarded as one of the best in the country for middle-distance runners, Aaron will receive training and participate in a racing programme, with expert coaching looking to develop his running.

Headteacher at Oswestry School Julian Noad, has congratulated Aaron on his achievement and was full of praise for the youngster’s running ability.

He said: “As a keen runner myself, I commend Aaron for this achievement. Running 800m at the pace required to qualify for the Milers is no mean feat, and I have no hope of catching him.”