Last week saw the return of The Last Kingdom to our devices as Netflix launched the fourth series taken from the books of Bernard Cornwell.

Having started out on BBC2, as part of the BBC’s excellent phase of true adaptations of books, Netflix decided to pick out of the bin the story of northern-born, Uhtred Ragnarsson – or Uhtred of Bebbanburg as he sees himself – who was raised by the Danes but used as a sharp sword for King Alfred of Wessex.

It proved to be a wise decision as ratings went up and Cornwell’s story was – largely – adhered to throughout.

Series four begins with Alfred gone, having made his peace with Uhtred, who has eyes on reclaiming his rightful home of Bebbanburg, with the help of the Saxons.

But as those who know Uhtred’s luck, all goes wrong and he faces a period of war in Mercia for Aethelflaed (Alfred’s daughter), upheaval in Wessex, and an old friend and enemy who wants revenge for the death of her love.

With 12 books available, The Last Kingdom’s source material is unlikely to run out as it charts Uhtred’s ambitions against the backdrop of the realisation of Alfred’s dream – a unified England.

But it’ll be a while yet, with plenty of fighting, drinking, celebration and death to come for Uhtred and his men.