A GOLF club which lies across the border of England and Wales will re-open on Wednesday in line with government advice.

Llanymynech Golf Club made the announcement on Tuesday, in response to new guidelines set out by Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Sunday.

His announcement permitted golf to be played, with restrictions, in England; however, the Welsh Government maintained the majority of its lockdown rules, meaning golf is not to be played at Welsh golf clubs.

The club has taken the decision to re-open as a result of its affiliation with the English Golf Union, despite predominantly being based on the Welsh side of the border.

Club spokesman Sian Whiteoak believes the safe re-opening of the club is the best course of action.

She said: "Llanymynech Golf Club is affiliated to the Shropshire and Herefordshire Union of Golf Clubs and the English Golf Union, since the start of the restrictions we have followed their excellent guidance and will continue to do so.

"This we feel is the best course of action for our club and its members and allows golf to be played with the current restrictions highlighted in the Prime Minister’s statement.

"The English Golf Union’s guidelines agreed with the government are a comprehensive set of rules that will allow a limited amount of golf to be played in a controlled and safe manner."

The club, which has three holes in England and 15 in Wales, also revealed in its statement that the absence of visitors to play golf around the country during lockdown has put many clubs in an uncertain position financially.

Sian added: "Financially, this virus has put not only our club but many golf clubs around the UK in a precarious position, despite the furlough payments and grants made, losses will be significant and many golf clubs will be lucky to survive this pandemic.

"Golf clubs rely on two income streams in the main visitors and the revenue they bring which will be virtually non-existent this year, which leaves us to rely heavily on our membership numbers.

"This has reduced significantly as members will not pay a subscription if the club is closed, many may be affected by financial burdens, some are unable to play due to being vulnerable as golf clubs have ever-ageing memberships."

The club also highlighted the importance of prioritising the NHS and people's health during the pandemic, and was disappointed by the fact the UK Government and Welsh Assembly were unable to offer the same advice.

The spokesman continued: "The club would like to thank the media for their interest in our unique geographical position, of which we are extremely proud.

"Unfortunately, a situation has now arisen due to the inconsistencies in the coronavirus guidance from the UK Government and the Welsh Assembly, which is disappointing to say the least.

"It is important we remember that saving lives and supporting the NHS has been our priority at Llanymynech Golf Club and we have done this by adhering to the stance of both the UK Government and the Welsh Assembly throughout the lockdown.

"We have many difficult decisions to make as a golf club in order to survive without having to deal with governing bodies that fail to agree on suitable, sensible guidelines that not only protect the public, but the very existence of sporting clubs."