VE Day celebrations were held all over the country on Friday, as people took to their front gardens to commemorate the end of the Second World War in Europe.

And the public in Powys played its part with a number of eye-catching events.

Here is a selection of pictures sent in by our readers of their own celebrations for the bank holiday.

Among them is Jack Ellis, a Second World War veteran who lives at Berriew, and who marked the occasion at home.

And younger people remembered the sacrifices made in the 1940s too, including Elsie and Lwsi Litchfield who dressed in 1940s clothing with their mum Debbie in Cwm Nant Y Meichiaid, Llanfyllin, and drank home-made lemonade.

Meanwhile, local MS Joyce Watson has recalled how her father, a Welsh-speaking farm worker from Llanbrynmair near Welshpool, had escaped from a Prisoner of War camp and travelled to wartime Scotland.

William Roberts was called up, aged 21, to the Royal Welch Fusiliers in 1940. Despite being a first language Welsh speaker with limited English, he received just three weeks of English tuition before being sent to the front line.

After being captured during the D-Day landings he was made a prisoner of war, during which time he learned some English, Polish, German and French.

Mrs Watson said his farming background helped him survive because the Germans valued his work.

His job gave him some freedom to move around the camp and one night he cut a hole in the fence and escaped. Despite being shot at and losing his big toe as a result of his injuries, he eventually found a British ship which was headed to Scotland.

But when the ship docked he was arrested as a spy because he responded better to the authorities when they asked him questions in German than in English.

The MS for Mid and West Wales explained: “When my father arrived in Scotland he raised questions and was arrested. It was only by luck that somebody recognised he was speaking Welsh.

"So many people made sacrifices during the war, and I want to pay tribute to all of them.”

Mr Roberts remained in active service as a staff sergeant until 1964.