Mobile coronavirus testing has begun in Powys, with a military-manned testing station set up in Newtown today.

It was announced this week that mobile testing was set to get underway, and that started today with a testing station set up beside Hafren Theatre in Newtown.

Each day people will be given directions to the venue that is hosting the station, and the first station in Newtown met with steady numbers of people who had been referred to it on its first day of operations on Friday.

More people are reportedly booked in to use the station from the north of Powys this afternoon.

Adrian Osborne of Powys Teaching Health Board tested the new facility as part of its move onto the county's streets, and he explained how the process works.

He wrote on Twitter: "Today I had the privilege of being a guinea pig for the mobile testing units in Powys in partnership with UK Armed Forces.

"There’s a friendly welcome at the gate before I am directed to the first station where personal details are checked through an opening in my car window.

"I then drive on to the second station. Here they explain how to perform a self swab. They carefully explain what is involved, what it will feel like, and also what to do if I get into difficulty. Here they pass a small testing kit through the car window and direct me to drive on.

"I then have a designated parking place to perform the self-swab, with a member of the team close by. The self swab is placed back in its tube, then in a sealed bag, and a second sealed bag. All of this helps to ensure the safety and security of each individual sample."

"The final station is where the sample is handed back to the team, so that it can be sent off for processing. This morning’s samples were due to be on a van run to the laboratory at 1pm to help get the results back as quickly as possible."

Mr Osborne added: "All in all it was a very well organised experience. The process all takes place from my car. There is very little waste, and that is removed from site for safe disposal.

"Whilst I was only a guinea pig, and not having a real test, I felt informed & immensely reassured."

The appointment-only facilities are available for key workers who have been referred through their organisation’s occupational health department, and also to provide expanded testing for care home residents and staff.

Newtown, Llandrindod Wells and Llansantffraid were among the first areas due to be visited.

Because they are mobile units, they are designed to move quickly into the parts of the county where they are most-needed.