The director of sport at Moreton Hall School has praised the dedication of the coaching team after the school was ranked in the top five per cent in the country for its commitment and achievement in a variety of sports.

It has been acknowledged in the School Sport magazine after continued sporting success and achievements.

Each year, independent and state schools from all over the UK strive to achieve the accolade of reaching the ‘Top 100 Sports Schools’.

The measurement is based on achievement across key schools’ competitions, with a breadth of success in different sporting disciplines.

When deciding the ratings, 19 different sports are considered and more than 120 national competitions.

Alison McDonald, director of sport at Moreton Hall said it has been an aspiration of the school’s for many years to achieve as high a finish as possible.

She said: “This is an accolade that we have been working towards for many years. We have repeatedly won titles, throughout the history of Moreton Hall, on the lacrosse pitch.

“What is fantastic is that we are consistently achieving this with lacrosse - but adding to the breadth and diversity through both coaching and performance.

“There really is sport for all at Moreton Hall - and we are very proud of what we have achieved as a school. It is testament to the coaching team and the dedication, commitment and focus of the students.”

Reaching the top 100, places an independent school in the top 10 per cent of all schools for sport in the country.

Moreton Hall, with a senior school of 320 pupils and a prep and pre-prep of 80 pupils, is number 34 in the independent schools ratings, putting it on the cusp of the top 3 per cent in the UK for school sport.

A spokesman for the school added: “This is an outstanding achievement for an independent girls’ school; showing the superb level of coaching and performance in core sports such as lacrosse, hockey, netball, cricket, athletics and tennis and also in sports ranging from fencing to squash, cross country and golf – and many more.”