Danny Boyle’s Yesterday is a fun, feel-good flick which has just been added onto NOWTV.

With guest appearances from artists such as Michael Kiwanuka and Ed Sheeran, this movie is full of great music and entertaining humour. It follows Jack (Himesh Patel), a failed musician who, after being involved in a cycling accident, discovers that he is now the only person on the planet who can remember The Beatles. With this information, he struggles to remember the words to hits like Eleanor Rigby in order to live out his rockstar dream and use the songs as his own.

Comedic rolls played by Joel Fry, Kate McKinnon and many others offer a light, amusing humour throughout the film. The jokes are lighthearted and fun which gives this film its feel-good rating.

Something especially brilliant about this film is its soundtrack. Patel’s vocals are impressive: warm, smooth and a brilliant tribute to some of the greatest songs ever made. Each record has a slightly modern twist while still paying homage to the original style of The Beatles.

One flaw with this film however is the predictable, rather straightforward plot line. Although simple, it manages to tell a wholesome, heartwarming story that is a delight to watch. Along with the wonderful musical accompaniment, we are also presented with an endearing love story between Jack and Ellie (Lily James), the charming best friend/manager, which provides both warmth and comedy.

If you are looking for an upbeat romantic comedy and also adore a bit of Hey Jude then this film is perfect for you. It is guaranteed to make you smile.