One of the plus points of the enforced lockdown, if you can put that positive on it, is having the chance to catch up on some shows that have simply passed you by.

For me, Brooklyn 99 has been one of those shows.

People have been lauding it including Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, who campaigned hard for it to be picked up by a new channel when it was cancelled by Fox.

Here in the UK, it is a mainstay of E4, where series seven is currently running, while the previous six series are all on Netflix.

Now, my entry into the ‘Nine-Nine’ was a bit skewed – I accidentally watched a few of series six and then ended up finishing the series before I started the first one.

For me, this meant I knew the characters and their arc so it was nice to see how they got where they did.

Led by Andy Samberg (who once teamed up with Wem’s Greg Davies), it is a cast that fights and loves like any family, with long-running jokes that pay off every time, believable plots and a heavy dose of funny silly.

The show has attracted plenty of cameos and attacks social issues hard too.

And all this before we even mention Adrian Pimento and Doug Judy, who leave you wanting more.