Young footballers either side of the border have seen their final seasons in youth football finish early because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the league for Oswestry Boys under-16s was curtailed last month, Chirk Youth U16s were told last week their season would also be ending early.

Oswestry manager Steve Wall, and Chirk manager Stephen Stubbs, are both disappointed their players will not be able to play out their final season together, but understand the decisions have had to be made.

Steve said: “It’s a bit upsetting, and it’s also worrying not knowing where they’re going to be playing next year.

“I tried to get a few managers to come down and watch some of our games, but I didn’t do anything until after Christmas, but then it rained and rained and then the virus was here.

“It’s very unfortunate for the children because they haven’t finished school, football, or anything else.

“They’ve had no conclusion to it, but we can’t help it in the current circumstances.

“It’s sad because we’ve got a lovely pitch with nice facilities for the U16s age group, and the lads have looked forward to playing there for years, but it’s been taken from them for the most part unfortunately.

“With the current climate of there being not many local teams above U16s, I really don’t know where a lot of these lads will go to play.

“I’d just like to say thanks to the club and the parents on my behalf, and my co-manager Ben Morris for all they have done over the years.”

Stephen added: “Under the current circumstances, it can’t be helped – it’s a sad time, but it’s more about the bigger picture really at the moment.

“It is the end of an era really – I’ve been involved with the club all my life, the set-up is fantastic here.

“The lads here will have made friends for life. Myself and Steve I know got into coaching because our sons wanted to play.

“It gives young lads something to do and to look forward to and given them an opportunity to enjoy the game.”

“I’d like to thank players, parents and everyone at Chirk Youth for the assistance I’ve had over the years.”

Speaking about the players parents and Stephen at Chirk, Chirk Youth chairman Mark Evans added: “I’d like to say a huge thanks to them for all of their hard work and free time they’ve given up over the years.

“Especially Stephen, who’s been with the club for about 12 years now. It’s all down to coaches and parents putting in their free time to make the children want to come back every week.”